Furby Boom Review

Furby Boom ReviewEverybody has heard of the popular Furby Boom figure that all children are waiting for. This is an entertaining, child-friendly toy that allows you to collect digital eggs, hatch them and then raise a virtual city of Furrblings (Furby’s babies that will require care and attention). Not only does the Furby Boom figure keep your child happy and entertained, but it also trains his parenting skills as well! In this Furby Boom review you will find out more about the pros and cons of the toy, as well as about the most important features and specifications you need to be aware of:

The Features

The Furby app (which can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store or from Google Play) is the most important feature, as this lays at the foundation of the entire game. The mechanism of action is quite simple: the purpose is to hatch the virtual Furblings in order to fill your city, and this is exactly what the application helps you do. The app feature allows you to give your newly hatched babies a name, to take proper care of them, to keep them well-fed and happy and so on. The package includes the Furby Boom figure along with detailed user’s instructions.

A single Furby figure can hatch no less than 50 virtual Furblings, therefore the kid will certainly not get bored – especially since he can play with his friends using the special application to discover all the ways in which they can collect the eggs. They can now fill the towers and collect the golden egg in a fast and pleasant manner – besides, they can enjoy Furball (one of the most popular Fury-related games) meanwhile.

The Furblings come with different specifications as well, as the child can easily track the Furblings’ cleanliness level, health and hunger status by relying on the monitor of the application. Moreover, the new version of the Furby figure comes with no less than 5 different personalities that the little one can explore and enjoy.

The Pros

What makes the Furby Boom figure so special is the fact that it actually combines virtual play with efficient and lively real-life interactions, so that your child will never get bored of playing with this toy. At the same time, the figure can be easily customized and personalized to respond to the child’s action: the toy can easily dance to music, it can move and respond to your gestures and even communicate in its own language!

Another pro is the Furby Boom app, an application that is free of charge and allows the child to play different games by creating check-ups, virtual food used to hatch and raise the virtual babies, give those showers and so on. Think of this figure as a small, virtual family that needs to be taken care of: it is entertaining and engaging, and your child learns the importance of being responsible by taking care of the little ones. Also, this version of the Furby figure has considerably more features and functions than its predecessors, therefore the child can enjoy more game play.

The Cons

The pros of this Furby figure certainly outweigh the disadvantages, although it must be said that the toy does require 4 AA alkaline batteries which are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately. Also, the toy contains small parts that can be a choking hazard for children under 3 years of age, this is why the toy is recommended for kids age 6 and up.


Does your little one love to take care of pets? Is your child responsible and you feel that he has so much energy that cannot consume it throughout the day? If so, then the Furby Boom figure is certainly what you need, as it will distract your child’s attention and make him use all his energy in a positive and productive way. If you still haven’t decided on the gift that will be sitting under the Christmas tree, then you should take this toy into account – don’t wait too long, though, as every child dreams of having a Furby Boom figure to take care of, and Amazon and other stores quickly run out of stock when the winter holidays arrive. Order the product in advance and make this the best Christmas gift your kid has ever received! Take advantage of the unique $5.99 discount on Amazon and order the toy today for no more than $59.00 and benefit from free shipping services!



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